Eclipsing teenage, a day at a time!

When you look back in life,  years seem to have drifted like days, to all we know and feel, it looks like everything happened just yesterday and we keep following the old adage which is thrown around in every corner of the world,  “One has to Move on and Life goes on”, but to us,  life looks like a circle, with no corners,  kind of like a mobius strip.
Teenage is a confusing state, you think about everything,  from the colour of your pens to the size of a cow’s horn,from the solid state of water to the speed of a snail compared with a Ferrari and who can forget about Pokémon characters,  Ash,  you still are better than Iron man. 
The most challenging of all,  is how to accept and adjust to societies rules, thinking how grades measure someone’s importance,  how can a single system exist for every individual and still functions well, is the meaning of life to be better than your neighbour or to do the things everybody does already as careers are just a 20th century invention,  and we don’t want one.


We make mistakes, a ton of them,  without knowing, because of which we start finding perfection in our imperfections, this realization is crucial and albeit the most important one. 
Then the most tantalizing questions of all,  what you want to become in your life,  don’t we want to throw stones at these people who asks these questions, tell me if I’m lying,  how can we just become one thing in life, I want to be an actor, a director, a sumo-wrestler, a musician, a sailor, an artist,  an inventor and a change maker; skeptics, Valar Morghulis!
We know the pain and suffering which goes around in this world, how many people daily die of hunger, poverty and misery everyday; the injustice and discrimination many suffer daily. How even a twenty something individual has the right to cry about frivolous things in life,  I don’t understand!


Life isn’t fair and to realize this simple fact,  makes one humble; as sometimes you are the pigeon and sometimes the statue!
And, the last of all; if we admit that human life can be ruled by reason,  then,  all possibility of life is destroyed; the very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. Time to throw off the bowlines and catch the trade winds in your sail!


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