An Indian in America!

It is hard to find yourself in a place full of strangers, another land, miles and miles away from your own country, a different culture altogether, where life moves pretty fast, you might just miss a thing or two if you aren’t concentrating.I’m talking about the States, the United States of America as we call it, New York and Boston in particular. What happens when you are in a place where the police department is faster than your pizza delivery guy, where most jaw-dropping movies are shot and where there is no darkness, I’m talking about the tall and large digital billboards that lights up all the streets there are.

I was, awestruck; the magnanimity of this place will take over you. It is like watching a five dimension movie, where the whole film is made in a single shot, much like Interstellar and Birdman, do watch that, you get the feel of what Broadway is all about. It is heaven for those who love to eat, it is dope for those who love cars, BMWs and Jaguars are common sightings.It helped me to understand why this location is called the “Hot Dog Republic” in the world, the view from the Empire State Building makes you realize how systematically built the whole of New York is, divided into streets and avenues, much like rows and columns, not forgetting its beauty.You see every guy running over there, from an 8 year old to an 80 year old, for fitness purposes and otherwise, the live their life to the fullest, period.dfsfdsfs

The Central Park is as beautiful as the bough of the myrobalan. The magnificent views over there are breathtaking, visit the Zoo, the Museum of Natural History; with a real T-Rex paralyzing you with terror, you might just shit in your pants after watching it, careful.I love Google maps; I travelled the whole city on my own, just with the help of the maps, from different boroughs to big malls, from subway stations to the Statue of Liberty, one gets astounded by how accurate they are in reality, trust me, I was once being approached by muggers late night in one of the streets, and was scared to death, but then a spark of inspiration came, Google maps; much like Zorro from the cartoon series rescued me, I took a slip road and ran for my life, it was fun.

For those who feel famished and running low on cash, there are plenty of one dollar pizza shops, 99 cents pizza, as they are popularly known. But be ready to shed some weight, because it is better to walk than to take a subway, it gives you an opportunity to look at the marvelous architecture and buildings along the way, from St. Patricks Church to Chrysler Building, from Rockefeller center to the Time Warner’s center.

sunset-brooklyn-bridgeNew York has a beautiful skyline; it is as radiant as a thousand suns. Let’s take you to the Grand Central Station, they should remove the last word from it, because it is hard to even think of the s from the word station, its beauty would refresh the eyes of a man like a crystal pool of water would the desert wanderer.On the technology side of it, every person uses apple products there, not exaggerating, trust me, I’ve seen it from my own eyes, but still I went further ahead to decipher this code, I went to the main apple store, on the 5th avenue where thousands of people gather before any new launch of the product, from an iPhone to a MacBook. I entered the store, and calling it a tech. store hardly makes sense, it is more of a temple where we worship state of the art technological milestones.

More will be up about my visit and experiences in the States, keep an eye on this space.


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