Murphy’s Law and the Delhi Traffic Police!

Sometimes, it just can’t get enough, and it is the same case with Delhi Traffic Police as it is with you enjoying a date with your girlfriend/ boyfriend, or for all those enjoying their singledom and for the geeks having fun with their mean machines.

It’s been a long day for me, and as I was coming home in the night from college today, in my car, with the hope to arrive as soon as possible and greet my parents with the words Happy Holi, with a huge smile on my face, something happened with me, precisely with my car, which got me thinking and as a matter of fact, which got me to start this blog in the middle of the night, even though I’ve to start studying for my mid semesters which are just a few days away, prepare for tomorrow’s Holi celebrations(as if) and also find out the purpose of my life, which I still can’t find and for me the light at the end of the tunnel looks like a double decker train running as fast as it could and ready to crush me under its age old wheels, machinery and what not.


Let’s not deviate from the point and let’s try to focus. I love driving fast and mind you there is a difference between the words fast and rash, lots of Indians aren’t intellectually gifted to differentiate between the two, this comes from my deep observation of my best of friends or maybe my friends are dumb and I brought the whole native Indians under the scanner because of no rhyme or reason, my apologies for that!

Everybody must have watched “RUSH”, heard of the guy named Sebastian Vettel or Ayrton Senna and maybe some must have dreamt of becoming a race car driver, I still dream of becoming one, what if I only drive a Hyundai i10, with a engine power no where in comparison to an F1 engine but what comes between our passion and our dreams is the Delhi Traffic Police which we all fail to respect, but I’ve learnt my lessons in the end.


Nevertheless, I’ve heard a lot about the Delhi Traffic Police, how they are a bunch of lazy officers who act according to their own will, if at all, take decisions without logic, never help a person in need and how easily accept bribes and let go off the defaulters. But sadly enough it all happens to be the other way round in real life, this life, yes in the 21st century and in the year 2015, we were once stopped for over speeding, when my friend was driving his car and the officer offered us two options, first, to either pay for the “Challan” and the second, to have a court case as the last resort, we cried, pleaded, made excuses as we are college students doing a science project or our granny is sick and we are have to see her in the hospital and give her medicines otherwise she will die, but still the gentleman did’t listen to any one of it and was adamant for what the law had taught him to ask for, then my friend tried the last option to get away for less, offering the officer a bribe, which I resented, and he still went forward with, as soon as he made that request the officer out of anger started started shouting at us and to me it looked like another incarnation of Singham, or any other heroic cop from our own Bollywood movies, he even said that he would throw him in jail and he will have to pay a heavy fine. Now here is the thing, a situation which looked so easy from a third person point of view had turned into a crisis situation of sort. My friend later paid for the Challan and apologized to the officer


Here is another story which I was a part of, which happened today, as I told you all earlier that I was driving back home late in the night around 9 pm, my car broke down in the middle of a heavy traffic area in Dwarka, as just a 19 year old,with low phone battery and with only Rs. 300 in my wallet, I was shit scared, terrified, petrified and stupefied with the situation at hand, with people abusing me for having the car parked at the center of the road, the noise level of honks breaking another record and myself being frustrated at not finding a solution to the problem even after 10 minutes precisely. Here comes to my rescue two officers wearing the uniform as like of the Delhi Traffic Police Officers which to me at the moment had same status as the Batman of Gotham, the Superman from Krypton and the in business Flash. They helped me park the car to one side of the road by pushing it for closer to a mile without me even insisting, gave me number of a car mechanic, and said that “Hum iske liye hi toh hain” with a grin from ear to ear.

I got the car repaired on the same site, and as the car got back into its normal workable condition, these two officers waived at me and being honest, in my whole life I’ve never felt so secure and happy in the surroundings of a police/ traffic police officers.

So, those of you who actually read till this end, what are your thoughts about today’s Delhi Traffic Police?

You know about mine! 😛


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